Think twice (International Women’s Day)

Do you believe that cat calls and body compliments make my day? Think twice.

You figure roses are what I like as a gift? Think twice.

Woman smelling a flower . Pastel tones. Digital artwork.

You reckon I feel great if you say I am better than your “crazy” ex girlfriends? Think twice.

Do you expect me to want you to buy me dinner? Think twice.

You imagine I feel empowered when you call me bossy? Think twice.

Boss girl drinking coffee and reading on her ipad. Pastel tones. Digital artwork.

I need so much more. And if by any chance you don’t understand what I mean, even after thinking twice, you don’t really know women.

Girl wearing a hoodie. Pastel tones. Digital artwork

Body compliments are shallow, listening to my opinions is far more enriching.

Flowers die in a jar, books allow new ideas to blossom in my mind.

Girl face smelling flowers. Pastel tones. Digital artwork

Dinner for two may be expensive, sharing domestic chores is free.

Praising a woman by comparing her to others is childish, while having a deep knowledge of her most obscure thoughts is the way to her heart.

Women wouldn’t need to be “bossy” if they had a fair chance to actually be the boss.

Boss girl sitting with legs spread out . Pastel tones. Digital artwork

Happy International Women’s Day,


Ps – Artwork from the amazing illustrators: Lucy B. (Instagram: @l.b.illustrations), Meg (Instagram: @lovelysundaysco), Elaina Sophia (Instagram: @elainasophiacreative) and Katya (Instagram: @ml.ant)

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