What is your opinion on heterosexual marriage?

“I am against it.”

“I don’t mind much, as long as they don’t bother me.”

“It is disgusting!”

“Think of the children they might have… how traumatising it will be when they find out that their father keeps a not-so-secret affair with his secretary…”

“70% will end up in divorce.”

“It is probably just a phase…don’t act on those labile psychological urges.”

“I think there should be a social agreement on the matter before proceeding to any legislation.”

“I would never do it myself! But if they want it, let them do it.”

“Shameless people, it won’t last a year, not even under God’s blessing!”

“I don’t mind. As long as they are not allowed to reproduce.”

“I am against it. But I believe heterosexuals should have the same rights as everybody else. I even have a straight friend and he acts very queer.”

“It is against nature! Look at all animal species, they don’t get married!”

“It is not God’s will. Take Adam and Steve, for example. They prove that Humanity has been gay since its very beginning.”

“Uhhh… maybe don’t call it marriage? Call it something else, like a Legal Cocktail Party!”

“Do whatever you want behind closed doors! Don’t walk shamelessly on the streets holding hands with your different-sex partner.”

“They can do whatever, as long as they don’t impinge their doctrine to my kids!”

“That is a controversial and secondary issue in our society, we must give priority to what really matters!”

“I don’t mind it, as long as they don’t kiss in front of my kids!”

“Everyone who thinks they are heterosexual has never spent the night with a real gay dick nor a hot dike’s pussy!”

“One of my cousin’s friends chose that path. They are very discrete, you can barely tell they are a couple. That doesn’t bother me, I just hate the ones that are too obvious.”

“That is opening dangerous precedents, next day someone will want to marry their dog as well!”

“I think it is wrong. Their kids will grow up into that straight environment and will end up choosing some different-sex partner as well.”

“I am strongly against it! It will disrupt society in every single aspect of its existence as such.”

“I have not made my mind yet. It is a complex issue. A bit more of public debate about it would definitely be helpful.”

“Everyone knows there is much more violence and more promiscuity in straight couples.”

How would you feel if your feelings and your life choices would suddenly be a matter of public debate? How would you feel if your love story was depersonalised and generalised to a whole group where you belonged, not by your decision, but because someone else decided the label suited you?

It is degrading to open social media and see so many opinionated strangers lightly discussing your life. As if it was their property. As if they were entitled to have a word on it.

Did you feel uncomfortable with this reversed reality exercise? Great. Stop spreading hate and prejudice under the shape of unsolicited opinions. Break the chain.


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