It has been a lifetime

(To my father)

It has been a lifetime of Toni Braxton echoing her spanish guitar, George Michael carelessly whispering throughout the night, Gloria Gaynor fiercely stating she would survive, Amy Winehouse losing the love game and Barry White cheering our family road trips.

It has been a lifetime of afternoons by the river, contemplating sunset after sunset. Caipirinhas refreshing long beach days and Dry Martinis leaving unexperienced bartenders doubting their aptitude for the job.

It has been a lifetime of the intense smell of turpentine invading the kitchen, oil paint dripping from brushes and staining the kitchen marble, oversized old t-shirts and creativity rushing in our veins.

It has been a lifetime of laughing at dark British humour, rewatching Little Britain over and over again, knowing the lines of our favourite Black Adder episode by heart. Putting our friends to the test by forcing them to watch the movies we loved, to check if they laughed at the “right” times. Not all of them passed this subtle, yet extremely accurate, friendship compatibility test.

It has been a lifetime of gourmet dishes being cooked with love, cream and too much pepper. Of giant doses of clams in summer, salmon pasta in winter and high quality imitations of dishes from our favourite restaurants in town. A lifetime of you being a risk taker in the kitchen and absolutely nailing it.

It has been a lifetime of playing British card games in the Caribbeans, and Party&Co at our beach house. And even Playstation, as being the only child before the streaming Era required an adult opponent to play the coolest games with.

It has been a lifetime of petting hamsters, while watching them breed like crazy after the fatal mistake of bringing home A COUPLE. Having several hamsters’ dynasties, giving them royal names, sewing them clothes, dressing them up. Ohh those poor creatures in our hands…

It has been a lifetime of Pessoa’s Book of Disquiet pages being read over and over again, Wilde’s best quotes coming handy in everyday situations and Raskolnikov posing an eternal debate on the genius of its creator.

It has been a lifetime of shared stories and experiences. Of you guiding my steps. Of love and devotion.

Happy birthday, daddy.


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