#FeministCorner – Surfing the 4th wave

Fourth-wave feminism – Intersectionality-centred phase of feminism characterised by a focus on the empowerment of women, on abolishing the privilege of traditionally dominant social groups, on achieving bodily autonomy and on deconstructing gender stereotypes, mainly by means of internet tools.”

You could see that coming, right? A solo female traveler, complaining about gender segregation in mosques and choosing LGBTQI – friendly clubs with drag shows over techno raves in Berlin, simply had to be a feminist.

This being said, welcome to my blog’s new feminist corner! A place not only for me to rage about the discrimination I face and witness around the world, but also to bring to the table what, in my opinion, are relevant topics on basic human rights.

Yesinn @YMT hostel, Hong Kong

Facing the risk of losing a few followers, but more importantly remaining truthful to myself, I intend to take my readers on an adventurous journey that requires no airplanes, no accommodations and especially NO LUGGAGE! Leave all your prejudices, preconceived ideas, traditionally-inherited judgements and socially-imposed limits behind and join me on an exploratory endeavour around gender concepts and misconceptions (roles, stereotypes, expectations) and true equality.

In a developed society, to assess the issues of gender identity, expression and similarity of rights and duties, becomes imperative. To grow as a person forces us to question the “obvious”, to think inside out, and to find alternatives that, as absurd as they might sound, make total sense for us. It is crucial to find ourselves, independently of what others expect from us. So far, only a few were brave enough to challenge the status-quo, but it is thanks to those brave souls that evolution takes place.

Convinced already?

Anyway, like it or not, this virtual corner will be my (hopefully) weekly modest contribution to a richer world, that understands, respects and celebrates diversity. A hate-free space with the aim of deconstructing widely accepted definitions and labels of a yet sexist, binary and heteronormative society.

Hoping this reaches at least the feminist in the next corner,


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