Blackout Tuesday

Historically, the colonisation and enslavement carried out by European countries propagated the wrong belief that people with dark skin were uncivilized, inferior, and should be subordinated to lighter-skinned invaders.

Unfortunately, racial stereotypes about worth, intelligence and beauty are still around in the present days.

It is crucial to update mentalities and change behaviours. Skin colour needs to start being perceived exactly as it is: a phenotypic variation amongst humans, that has nothing to do with civilisation, morals and capability.

Hostility, laziness, immorality are not metabolic products of skin pigmentation.

Integrity, intelligence, responsibility are not shadowed by skin pigmentation.

#Backouttuesday . Hearts with different skin tones

Racism is not just about actively hurting, either physically or verbally, someone who’s skin colour does not match yours. It is also about staring at those situations happening in front of you, on tv, all over the internet and do nothing. SILENCE IS SHY RACISM, BUT IT IS SILL RACISM.

White girl in a pink dress, please speak up.

Brown old man with reading glasses, please speak up.

Black tall boy surfing that wave, please speak up.

Yellow lady praying at home, please speak up.

Racism is not an opinion. It is a prejudice that is responsible for millions of hate crimes worldwide. PLEASE SPEAK UP.

Hands  with different skin tones. Fight racism

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