Offline thoughts

What about the phone numbers we never saved

What about the encounters we kept postponing

Hiding behind a screen

Sharing feelings in a void

Of illusions

What about the secrets left unshared

What about the unflattering selfies

And the emojis lost in a limbo

Trapped between the real and the virtual


What about the rants

And the outbursts

Against the world and no one in particular

What about the unsubtle hints to that specific person

Wrongly taken up by each of our virtual friends

What about the brainless scrolls we used to make

What about the cute cat videos

That used to ease our souls

And make us forget

For a minute

How the skies turned grey

When the Summer gave up on us

What about the anxiety

Of losing connection

What about the fear

Of missing out

Even if just for a couple hours

What about the tragedy

Of an offline world

Which is not ready

To raise its eyes

Away from the screen

What about WhatsApp

Instagram or Facebook

What about us

Showing too much, caring too much

About the lives of others

Not realising

They are as empty

As our own

With (disconnected) love,


Ps. One of the best parts of social media is the possibility to follow the work of incredible artists like my friend Vera Koss. I am so so proud to have crossed paths with her during my time in Tbilisi and to have the honour of having her illustrating one of my blog posts 🙂 Have a look at her portfolio on Instagram and online

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