Emotions exam

Emotions are brief episodes of autonomic activation and mind arousal associated with a subjective feeling that can be common or out of the ordinary. But this is not always that simple.

How do you feel when bumping into an ex?

What is the mental interpretation of listening to a friend you once trusted lying bluntly in front of an audience?

How much brain and body activation is needed to get away from reality?

Which specific neural networks allow you to process the love you get from your pet?

What brain areas make you feel an excruciating fear of failure?

Through which emotional circuits runs the peace of a mountain hike?

How many neurones wake up in the eminence of a missing flight?

Which neurotransmitters feed the anguish of a betrayal?

The fact that I have more questions than answers tells me I am definitely not ready for the upcoming Emotions exam. In my defence, can a deep topic like this one even be converted into a few printed pages? Emotions cannot be put to paper, even less be reduced to a simple multiple choice test.

I’ll keep studying.