In memory of Quino (1932-2020) – a letter to Mafalda

My dear Mafalda,

I was so sorry to hear about your father’s passing. I want you to know that I’m thinking of you during this awful time. Although you have always carried the world over your shoulders, I believe this is the toughest probation you have been put through in your entire endless-childhood.

I recall your causes. You have always been a girl of deep, strong, important causes. You talk freely about societies’ lack of freedom, you fight injustice from the top of your living room’s tallest chair, you embarrass your mother every time you remember her of how she is treated as a 2nd class citizen just for the simple fact of being born a woman.

Your naive, rebellious spirit is highly contagious. I don’t know if I ever told you this little secret, but your words and attitudes shaped my character and made me much more aware to the unfair world we are all stuck in. Thank you for that.

I believe humour is a very powerful tool in change-making. Not all kinds of humour, of course. Cunning, intelligent humour like your father had is lacking a bit in the modern world, but it is definitely a powerful way to slowly change mentalities, to make people think (after the instant and almost involuntary smile), to deconstruct stereotypes, to discretely and silently “call for action”, by pointing out serious afflictions of the world. Quino was not only a sketcher, he was a visionary, as he created you and your friends and your discussions and concerns that remained true until the present time.

For all I mentioned and much more that his readers around the world for sure have to add about his genius, I can assure you your father will always be fondly remembered.

My sincerest sympathy,


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