The Christmas dinner table

At the Christmas dinner table

There are liberals, socialists, democrats

There are pious, Christians, atheists and sinners

There are nerds and brainless fellows

There are fathers, mothers, grandparents and godparents

There are introverts and some who are talkative.

Some would privatise oxygen, if they could

Some believe education should be free

Some are sure we are spending more than our pockets can afford

Some would evangelize the entire family, if they could

Some pray in the silence of the night

Some are safer on Earth than among the flames of Hell.

Some are old, with slowed reflexes

And you can see the sadness in their eyes, for not being taken seriously as they once were

Some are boomers, stuck between old habits and new technologies

Some are young, but carry the burden of failure over their shoulders

Some are babies, hence still naively happy, waiting for Santa to bring them toys and chocolates.

Some have no doubts, a lot of certainties, only a few neurones

Some have given up on engaging in pointless conversations

Some have more questions than answers

Some speak loud and want to be heard

Some whisper a few words by politeness

Some are funny, and make us all laugh

Some have lost the ability to crack a smile

Some have no sense of humor, but keep on trying.

At the Christmas dinner table

There is always the empty seat

Of that cousin who now lives abroad, but will skype us at an agreed time

Of that grandfather who passed away

But whose presence can still be felt, stronger than gravity

Of that aunt that got a new boyfriend, and forgot where she came from

Of that party animal, who loves family gatherings as much as he loves to go out with friends

Whose friends, on the last minute, gave him the flu.

Under the Christmas dinner table

There is a fluffy black dog

Waiting for a generous soul

To feed him the sweetness of the season

A wagging tail, long droopy ears

And an occasional bark here and there.

On the Christmas dinner table

There are a million sweets

There is codfish and turkey

There are red candles

Illuminating the set of endless debates

Futile talks and deep confessions.

Among the crowd gathered around the Christmas dinner table

There are always a few elephants

In the room

Some are small and harmless, some are big and disruptive

There are truths unspoken

And lies repeated a million times

There are love ties made of steel

And friendships that started in cradles.

Not everyone celebrates Christmas the same way

Some don’t celebrate it at all

But there is something about

The Christmas dinner table

That proves us all

How each of us is a crucial piece

Of Christmas after all.