Enough is enough, but portuguese ENOUGH (“CHEGA”) is too much!

My ovaries shook in place. My eyes had troubles focusing the words of that piece of sh…text. My brain refused to process the information. My heart kept beating in naive disbelief. Of course there weren’t people like that in 2020. Coronavirus was bad enough already.

Guess what, 2020 is exactly the year when everything is possible. Unfortunately.

Turns out the (relatively recent) fascist portuguese political party CHEGA (“ENOUGH”) – an exquisite collection of racists, xenophobes, misogynists and the kind – has been quite successfully brainstorming to come up with new, innovative ideas on civilisational setbacks. Those include: abolishing the “education for citizenship” course in schools, making illegal any kind of political opposition, denying basic human rights to transgender people, privatising education and health, decriminalising hate crimes, re-installing death penalty and chemical castration of pedophiles, sending all immigrants back to where they should never have left in the first place, abolishing all humanitarian organisations and… are you ready? Removing the ovaries to all women who have an abortion for non-medical reasons.

Searching more in depth into this vast sea of hate, I could even find some sweet reference to girls like me: “Feminists aim to boost the homosexual-lesbian-bisexual-transsexual agenda and not the interests of ordinary and current women. The goal is to achieve a society without sex classes”. I won’t even ask what an ordinary woman is, but I guess this also means witch-hunting, doesn’t it?

Totally terrifying. How can people so full of hate even have a place in the news? How can they have a seat in the Parliament?! How do they have enough support to present a presidential candidate?!

Facebook is a dangerous place, where hate is indiscriminately spread and opposition is effectively silenced or blocked. The problem is when this virtual world suddenly invades reality and gets a say in the Parliament.

My ovaries shook in place. I am still not sure if I will give them use in the future, but I am sure I won’t let anyone decide on what I should or should not do with my body. And if I am a witch, you can try to get me, but be certain that while you don’t catch me I will keep fighting for justice, equality and freedom.

Enough is enough, but portuguese ENOUGH is absolutely too much.


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