A melodic pause from real life

(To prof N. and prof J.) When I was five, I was confronted with the first dilemma of my life. The first I can remember of, even though it took place during the timeframe of physiological childhood amnesia, a period well-known by clinicians and therapists - especially those who stubbornly forge its doors open for … Continue reading A melodic pause from real life

#FeministCorner – Fashion is beauty(fool)

With Laura Figueiredo Marques Fashion and Feminism are two words that don’t usually go well together. Why? Because, traditionally, and even though both these realities are inherently associated with the feminine world, their core ideologies are like water and oil. While feminism strongly encourages self-love and acceptance, fashion seems to exist with the sole purpose … Continue reading #FeministCorner – Fashion is beauty(fool)