Do novo ao antigo normal

Maio de 2035 A cidade está em festa. O país também. A primeira-ministra fala na televisão sobre o derradeiro fim da pandemia. Um dia histórico. Portugal erradica, oficialmente, a COVID-19. O meu pai, que nunca vi sorrir desde que me lembro que existo, irradia uma felicidade contagiante, apoiada de perto pelo olhar esperançoso da minha … Continue reading Do novo ao antigo normal

An empty dance floor (at Lux Frágil)

It has been six months since the last time a crowd of feet stepped on that dance floor until the last beat of some avant-garde tune echoed in a long night turning into early morning. Six long, silent, voided months since the last sunrise has been seen from the balcony on the first floor, less … Continue reading An empty dance floor (at Lux Frágil)

State of (mental) Emergency

Here we go again. Portugal returns to State of Emergency. Again. As the numbers of new cases and deaths keep growing, our mental state declines accordingly. It has been 8 months since our first lockdown. And we have been swinging on a thin thread of uncertainty, desperately trying to keep our balance by moving forward, … Continue reading State of (mental) Emergency

Meet Vincent Van Gogh – a delicate symbiosis of art and mental health

Sunflowers. Starry nights. A small empty bedroom. All this painted in oil, brushstroke after brushstroke, until a thick layer of bright colours protrudes from the canvas, right into any observer’s mind, where it probably sticks forever. This is Van Gogh’s unique post-impressionist style of painting, where you see represented, not just reality, but how he … Continue reading Meet Vincent Van Gogh – a delicate symbiosis of art and mental health

IN CASE OF FIRE: use the aunt with the anti-ageing facial mask on

(To my aunt C.) My phone rings the week before my last faculty exam. “I managed to take some days off, I am coming to Prague with you!!!!” - her voice sounds excited on the other side of the line. Like a kid who had just been told they are going to Disneyland. Although I … Continue reading IN CASE OF FIRE: use the aunt with the anti-ageing facial mask on

It has been a lifetime

(To my father) It has been a lifetime of Toni Braxton echoing her spanish guitar, George Michael carelessly whispering throughout the night, Gloria Gaynor fiercely stating she would survive, Amy Winehouse losing the love game and Barry White cheering our family road trips. It has been a lifetime of afternoons by the river, contemplating sunset … Continue reading It has been a lifetime

Let the dogs out, please.

Home is definitely not the place I’d rather be right now. Something about these walls around me is starting to seriously annoy me. Is it the colour, the height, the same pictures hanging lifelessly through eternity? I can’t really tell. After two months under house arrest, life before this pandemic sounds utopian. Restaurants? Dinner parties? … Continue reading Let the dogs out, please.

Quarantine diaries – the first three weeks

Week 1 “Everyone is overreacting... Sure, I will stay at home a few days until it all calms down.” Important remarks: State of Emergency declared in Portugal. Updates from the faculty: all state exams are postponed indefinitely. Weather forecast: the sun is shinning outside. Warm days and cold nights. Mood: in denial. Quite positive. Heart … Continue reading Quarantine diaries – the first three weeks