Let the dogs out, please.

Home is definitely not the place I’d rather be right now. Something about these walls around me is starting to seriously annoy me. Is it the colour, the height, the same pictures hanging lifelessly through eternity? I can’t really tell. After two months under house arrest, life before this pandemic sounds utopian. Restaurants? Dinner parties? … Continue reading Let the dogs out, please.

26 places that changed my life – part 2

If you missed the first 13, go check them out first at https://theworldthroughmyopiceyes.com/2020/03/16/26-places-that-changed-my-life-part-1/ 14. Amazon Rainforest, South America I remember this guy on the TV show “Who wants to be a millionaire?”, when asked what he was going to do with the money if he won the final prize, promptly replying “I would run in … Continue reading 26 places that changed my life – part 2