The right to have the right rights

According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948), every human being, regardless of their age, gender, race, nationality, ethnicity, language, sexual orientation, religion or any other status, is born with inalienable fundamental rights. Among these fundamental rights, are the right to life, liberty and personal security; to education; to equality and freedom from discrimination; … Continue reading The right to have the right rights

State of (mental) Emergency

Here we go again. Portugal returns to State of Emergency. Again. As the numbers of new cases and deaths keep growing, our mental state declines accordingly. It has been 8 months since our first lockdown. And we have been swinging on a thin thread of uncertainty, desperately trying to keep our balance by moving forward, … Continue reading State of (mental) Emergency

Enough is enough, but portuguese ENOUGH (“CHEGA”) is too much!

My ovaries shook in place. My eyes had troubles focusing the words of that piece of sh...text. My brain refused to process the information. My heart kept beating in naive disbelief. Of course there weren’t people like that in 2020. Coronavirus was bad enough already. Guess what, 2020 is exactly the year when everything is … Continue reading Enough is enough, but portuguese ENOUGH (“CHEGA”) is too much!