Enough is enough, but portuguese ENOUGH (“CHEGA”) is too much!

My ovaries shook in place. My eyes had troubles focusing the words of that piece of sh...text. My brain refused to process the information. My heart kept beating in naive disbelief. Of course there weren’t people like that in 2020. Coronavirus was bad enough already. Guess what, 2020 is exactly the year when everything is … Continue reading Enough is enough, but portuguese ENOUGH (“CHEGA”) is too much!

“Disclosure” – Netflix breaking privilege bubbles and glueing the pieces of a shattered mirror

Imitation as an important learning process Learning is one of the most fascinating abilities of the human brain. Psychology brought to light some of the processes by which humans, as they grow up, acquire new knowledge, behaviours and values. Some learning is immediate, some takes time, some is forgotten fast, some is reinforced by some … Continue reading “Disclosure” – Netflix breaking privilege bubbles and glueing the pieces of a shattered mirror

Think twice (International Women’s Day)

Do you believe that cat calls and body compliments make my day? Think twice. You figure roses are what I like as a gift? Think twice. You reckon I feel great if you say I am better than your “crazy” ex girlfriends? Think twice. Do you expect me to want you to buy me dinner? … Continue reading Think twice (International Women’s Day)

#FeministCorner – Fashion is beauty(fool)

With Laura Figueiredo Marques Fashion and Feminism are two words that don’t usually go well together. Why? Because, traditionally, and even though both these realities are inherently associated with the feminine world, their core ideologies are like water and oil. While feminism strongly encourages self-love and acceptance, fashion seems to exist with the sole purpose … Continue reading #FeministCorner – Fashion is beauty(fool)

#FeministCorner – Avoiding sexist language

The first time someone pointed out to me how sexist portuguese language was I didn’t really pay attention. My Philosophy high school teacher was that kind of teacher that, whether we realised it or not, would leave a profound mark in all her students. The student opinion about her was an extreme binomial - some … Continue reading #FeministCorner – Avoiding sexist language

#FeministCorner – Surfing the 4th wave

“Fourth-wave feminism - Intersectionality-centred phase of feminism characterised by a focus on the empowerment of women, on abolishing the privilege of traditionally dominant social groups, on achieving bodily autonomy and on deconstructing gender stereotypes, mainly by means of internet tools.” You could see that coming, right? A solo female traveler, complaining about gender segregation in … Continue reading #FeministCorner – Surfing the 4th wave